gallery_0011_IMG_6117_1project_logos__0000s_0010_Taste of-Thrones_1

Tens of thousands of people experienced the 6-week San Francisco pop-up restaurant and bar sensation inspired by the HBO TV show “Game of Thrones” that transported guests into the World of Westeros featuring the Iron Throne and a 26’ dragon!

gallery_0010_IMG_4338_1project_logos__0000s_0007_Arcade Bar

From “Pac-Man Pizza” to “Power Up” Bars with “Hadouken” flamed cocktails and “Sub-Zero” spiked slurpees to 80’s vintage candy from the “Donkey Kong Candy Store”, executives played nostalgic arcade classics like Galaga & Centipede!

gallery_0006_EyeofPassion_000 89_1project_logos__0000s_0011_Speakeasy

Senior executives were transported back to the Prohibition Era of underground gambling casinos, ‘password required’ gin joints, interactive “wise guy” actors, “flapper girl” singers and dancers, police raids, prison mug shots, and lots of giggle juice.

DinnerInWonderland Option2_1project_logos__0000s_0003_Dinner in-Wonderland

Guests crawled through a rabbit hole entrance, sipped on “Drink Me” bottles, dined at ‘mad tea party’ decorated tables, as they enjoyed “Alice in Wonderland” inspired outlandish live performances and interactive characters.

gallery_0044_sj_samsung_072519_020_1project_logos__0000s_0009_Pirates of-Samsung

A "Pirates of the Caribbean"-inspired amusement theme park inside California's Great America immersing thousands of guests into the scallywag world of pirates and “aarghs!” featuring a Cirque du Soleil-inspired “Shiver Me Timbers Show” and a 40’ pirate ship!

gallery_0029_ThemeDream.3.19.18_WR 1314_1project_logos__0000s_0004_Immersive

A 360 degree immersive dining experience where plate presentation, visual projection, surround sound, along with guests’ sense of taste and smell played in symphony to create an unprecedented, culinary adventure through land, sea, ice and fire!

DinnerInWonderland Option2_1project_logos__0000s_0008_Imagine

San Francisco's iconic Palace of Fine Arts’s ‘first in history’ New Year’s Eve gala where we transformed over 140,000 square feet into a magical, fairytale playground with 11 immersive worlds and over 25 performers entertaining over 4,000 guests!

gallery_0052_EyeofPassion_000 101_1project_logos__0000s_0002_Around the-World

Guests entered through an airline gate and airplane door to a Disneyland-Epcot theme-park-style experience featuring immersive environments of different regions of the world, its authentic cuisine, traditional music and cultural performances.

placeholder imageproject_logo_unhinged

The world-famous haunted Winchester Mystery House hired ThemeDream to design a 45-minute immersive-horror-walkthrough experience that spanned over 50 rooms of production, 25 actors, and attracted tens of thousands of guests.

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0006_Haunted Dinner

A Halloween-themed dining experience in a haunted house setting served by the living dead with Instagram-worthy plate presentations, ‘witch’-craft cocktails and a spooktacular show of ghoulish performances such as vampire ballet and Freddy on violin!

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0001_A Night-in-Paris

200 guests were transported to Paris for the evening as ThemeDream transformed the historical Julia Morgan Ballroom into a Moulin Rouge-inspired cabaret club and dinner show featuring can-can dancers, burlesque, acrobats, and other “Ooh La La” acts!

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0005_Masquerad Ball

An elegant production at the national historic landmark U.S. Old Mint featuring “Venetian Carnival” costumed performers, including a masked opera singer, live violinist, phantom-costumed jazz singer and, of Venetian masks for guests to wear.

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0000_Gold

An elegant “gold-themed” extravaganza for the famous goldRush Rallykick-offwith multi-million dollar cars, gold-body painted performers, gold decorations, lighting   visuals and even gold-flaked-filled glasses of bubblies!

placeholder imageproject_logo_THElounge

One of Santana Row’s most popular restaurants hired ThemeDream to design, manage, and market an after-dinner entertainment program that ultimately became one of South Bay’s hottest destination spots for live music.


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